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Accelerate habits

Break down fuzzy goals into weekly plans and daily actions that build momentum


Be held accountable

Your coach helps you stay on track through daily and weekly check-ins


Personalized for you

A friend that listens? A high energy motivator? Pick your coach to match what you need

Personal to professional goals, Summit covers it all


Run a Half Marathon


Learn a New Language


Meditate daily


10k more followers


Finish a side project


Learn to cook


Practice guitar


Hike with my partner


Learn photography


Bike 100 miles


Visit a new country


Take an acting class


Be mindful


Get promoted


Expand network


Start a company


Hit sales quota


Write 500 words daily


Eat healthier


Reach lift PR

For ambitious individuals and teams

"Summit is super helpful for tracking personal & business goals. I lean on my AI coach for goal tweaks & motivation."


Growing her real estate business

"Summit keeps me focused on the goals that really matter, and persistent in achieving them"


Reaching traction on his startup

"Finding a coach takes a lot of time and money. Summit has changed that entirely! It's the personalized coach I have always wanted"


Getting back into shape

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