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Learn a new professional skill

Learn a New Professional Skill


Learning a new professional skill can significantly enhance your career prospects, improve job performance, and increase job satisfaction. Whether it's mastering a new software, developing leadership capabilities, or acquiring technical expertise, continuously updating your skillset is crucial in today's fast-paced job market. By setting clear goals and utilizing the right resources, you can effectively integrate new skills into your professional repertoire.


  1. Coursera - Offers a wide range of online courses on various professional skills from top universities and companies.
  2. LinkedIn Learning - Provides a plethora of professional courses and tutorials to help you advance in your career.
  3. Udemy - Features courses on countless skills, including coding, project management, and marketing.
  4. edX - Hosts courses from leading institutions on a variety of professional topics.
  5. Skillshare - Offers numerous classes on creative and business skills taught by industry professionals.

Example SMART Goals

  1. Become proficient in Microsoft Excel by completing an advanced Excel course on Coursera and practicing for 30 minutes daily, aiming to pass the certification exam within 3 months.
  2. Develop public speaking skills by joining a local Toastmasters club and delivering at least one speech per month, with the goal of earning the Competent Communicator award in 6 months.
  3. Learn basic coding in Python by completing the "Python for Everybody" specialization on Coursera and applying the knowledge through weekly coding projects, aiming to complete the course in 4 months.
  4. Enhance project management skills by earning a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through PMI, dedicating 5 hours per week to study and planning to pass the exam within 6 months.
  5. Improve digital marketing knowledge by completing the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate on Coursera, dedicating 3 hours per week, and applying the learned strategies to a personal project, aiming to complete the certificate in 5 months.

Example Habits

  1. Dedicate 30 minutes each morning to learning and practicing a new professional skill.
  2. Join online forums or professional groups relevant to your skill interest and actively participate in discussions.
  3. Set aside time each week to read industry-related articles, books, or white papers to stay updated with the latest trends.
  4. Allocate a specific time slot each week to review and practice what you've learned in your new skill area.
  5. Track your progress and reflect on what you've learned at the end of each week to identify areas for improvement and celebrate achievements.

Note this information is not a substitute for a professional advice and varies from person to person.