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Reconnect with old friends

Reconnect with Old Friends


Reconnecting with old friends is about rekindling relationships that have lapsed over time due to various reasons such as busy schedules, geographical distances, or simply losing touch. Re-establishing these connections can provide emotional support, nostalgia, and a sense of belonging. It can also offer new opportunities for personal and professional growth, and enrich your social life.


  1. Psychology Today - Articles and advice on the psychological benefits of reconnecting with old friends and how to approach it.
  2. LinkedIn - A professional networking site useful for finding and reconnecting with former colleagues and acquaintances.
  3. Facebook - A social media platform where you can easily search for and connect with old friends.
  4. Meetup - Helps you find local groups and events that can facilitate reconnecting with old friends.
  5. Rekindled - An app specifically designed to help people reconnect with old friends and maintain those relationships.

Example SMART Goals

  1. Reach out to three old friends via social media or email within the next month and set up a virtual or in-person meeting with at least one of them.
  2. Reconnect with an old high school friend by sending a personalized message on Facebook, and aim to have a catch-up phone call within the next two weeks.
  3. Plan a reunion get-together with college friends within the next six months, setting a specific date and location, and ensuring at least five friends can attend.
  4. Re-establish contact with a former colleague by scheduling a coffee chat within the next month to discuss both personal and professional updates.
  5. Send a handwritten letter to a childhood friend to re-establish contact, aiming to receive a response and have a follow-up conversation within the next two months.

Example Habits

  1. Set aside 30 minutes every Sunday to reach out to one old friend through social media, email, or a phone call.
  2. Keep a list of friends you want to reconnect with and allocate time each week to contact one person from the list.
  3. Schedule monthly catch-up sessions with different friends to maintain and strengthen the relationship.
  4. Use social media to regularly engage with posts from old friends by liking, commenting, or sharing their updates.
  5. Send holiday or birthday cards to old friends to keep the connection alive and show that you are thinking of them.

Note this information is not a substitute for a professional advice and varies from person to person.